My Philosophy

If you’re browsing this section of the website it means you like my photographs and my style; therefore, you may be pondering, albeit just for a second, on what your wedding would be like if I were your photographer, so just for that: thank you!

My work begins as soon as you get in touch with me and I will be at your disposal for any query or help I can provide throughout the entire preparation period. This has always been my philosophy to date and many couples often contact me via WhatsApp asking for my help and I am only too happy to oblige as this makes me feel closer to them enabling me to experience their concerns, anxieties, joys and hopes, etc.

The wedding date is approaching, so now what happens? Relax! To allow you to see how I work, celebrate for a while and enjoy a morning or afternoon stroll, we can have a pre-wedding photo session! This will help you lose your camera-shyness allowing us to capture some fantastic photographs whilst enjoying a pleasant stroll. How about it?

Your wedding day has arrived! Of course, you’re unavoidably nervous. This is why as a photographer I like to be ready with time to spare for a stress-free environment because you will already have enough to worry about without being anxious about your photographer. My work begins with the preparations for the bride and the groom and concludes once the evening party has ended. In other words, I will be with you for your entire wedding day; unless, of course, you decide otherwise. I experience weddings from within and try to blend in (and avoid standing out or causing disruption) in order to capture every feeling in each moment. I have frequently allowed my emotions to get the better of me and if I have to discreetly dry away my tears it will not be for the first time!

Many couples also wish to have a post-wedding session to enable them to pose for a collection of beautiful photos after the event has successfully ended. If you would like to take part in an after wedding photo session, please let me know and we can discuss the details!

When will I be able to see my photographs? In all honesty, I try to make sure it will be as soon as possible and, in any event, I will undertake to provide you with your photographs within two months (it normally takes only a couple of weeks, although I prefer to set a longer deadline in case anything out of the ordinary happens).

If you wish to see how my work is delivered and what I have in store for you, please click on the link: my album.

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