My Album

Photographers come with many different price tags. In my case, my fee represents my dedication; it reflects both the fact that you will be closely acquainted with your photographer from the outset and how I perform my job; it illustrates the responsibility entailed by providing you with the greatest souvenir of your special day; and it symbolises the fact that every time you look at your collection, you will recollect and relive your amazing day.

What do I offer? I will take photographs throughout your wedding day. I will provide you with at least 1000 photographs processed in colour along with the same 1000 photos processed in black and white on a beautifully-designed wooden pen drive.

For most of you who would also like an album, I have two proposals:

-A 30-page (or 50-page for one-sided prints) 25×35 cm Fine Art album in a pinewood box (custom-designed for us).

-A 30-page 28×35 cm photographic album with linen covers and a linen or wooden leather box (custom-designed for us).

Both versions come with handcrafted binding and the boxes are also handmade. They also include the pen drive with the photographs of course (or you can choose the hard disk option).

If you would like parent albums I can provide these at cost. They come in an 18×26 size for the 25×35 Fine Art album and an 18×24 size for the 28×35 album and are identical to the original copies issued.

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