About Me

Hello. My name is Jordi Tudela, although if I’m honest Tudela is my wife’s surname. She is my better half and I thought that using her surname would be an excellent token of my affection.

My wife Laia and I have a son, Marc, who was born in March 2015. He is our greatest treasure and the fruit of our love. In a similar vein, Jordi Tudela photography is also our little treasure that we pamper, taking care of every last detail.

I studied Audiovisual Production, Photography and Playwriting. I have worked in the television industry as a producer and in the film sector as a making-of cameraman for Filmax; however, I gradually realised that my calling was to work on weddings and I have been exclusively devoted to them ever since, having even drawn my partner into the remarkable realm of wedding photography and videography.

I always endeavour to ensure I do my best: being energised by every moment of the wedding; absorbing the atmosphere at every turn; and taking snapshots of every second to provide an unforgettable memento.

My photography is free from poses and artificiality, it is head over heels with naturalness and shrouded in warmth and familiarity.

If those are characteristics that you would look for in a photographer, I may be the ideal person for your wedding.

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