To celebrate a wedding in Mas Torroella is to desire a wedding in one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Luke and Megan were well aware of this and that is why they chose this location for their destination wedding, right in the heart of the Costa Brava (Palafrugell).
Over several days, Mas Torroella welcomed all the family and friends for this English wedding.
When Luke and Megan contacted me and told me about their wedding idea (an intimate wedding) as well as the place it was to be celebrated, I wanted them to choose me to capture every moment, because the entire location was shrouded in emotion. And so it was, I had the great fortune that they loved my photography and in Skype conversations I was already able to see their incredible affection, enthusiasm and love for each other.
As you will see in the photos, everything took place in the same spot. This allowed me to constantly come and go between each room and place where something was going on, capturing unique moments, amusing situations and being able to meet all the guests from the very start.
Little by little, the nerves began to appear, because the big moment was arriving. The moment of the ceremony drew near, and there was a sense of contained joy and a knot in the stomach characteristic of wedding nerves… then she arrived! Megan, one of the sweetest, most beautiful brides I can recall walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. It was pure emotion, equally so for the groom Luke, who with glassy eyes watched as the bride approached.
I cannot begin to count the many gazes of empathy seen during the ceremony (what am I saying! also throughout the whole day!), a ceremony imbued with tender, fun moments and a highly charged I do!
Afterwards, I was lucky enough to be able to prepare a brief report with beautiful scenery. Luke and Megan are slightly more shy than newly-weds from Spain, and that enabled me to create more intimate moments and to break into laughter at any moment, taking very happy, warm photos.
By the cocktail hour and throughout the rest of the day I could see the happiness of their friends and family, who always treated me in a very close manner and with incredible affection.
The dinner included the speeches, typical of English weddings, the cake, the entertaining throwing of the bouquet by the bride and a highly romantic first dance at sunset.
By the time of the evening party – where they showed they know how to dance and have a good time – we decided, together with the newly-weds, to take a couple of night photos. I will finish this post with these, to end on a romantic note what will doubtlessly be one of the best weddings of the year.

Megan and Luke, thank you for everything, I wish with all my heart that my photographs will bring you the magic of this great day.

Localización – Mas Torroella
Catering – Gascon Catering
Carpas – Actuality Carpas
Decoración+Flores – The Original Fleurs!
Decoración – Abanik Rent & Events
DJ – Feelgood Music
pastel – Roman’s Cake
Photography – Jordi Tudela (Jordi Tudela photographer, Gemma Olivé Assistant)